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Default Football Manager 2015 Version 15.2.0 Out Now!
Update 15.2.0 is now available for Football Manager 2015 via Steam. 

To download the update, simply save your current game, quit FM, then quit and restart Steam. Then launch the game as normal and this should start your update automatically. As always the update is save game compatible but for any competition issues, you'd have to start a new game for them to take effect. 

Also available as what you could call an early Christmas present, are two new skins - one for Football Manager and one for Football Manager Classic. They are available via the following Workshop links:

Football Manager Skin

Football Manager Classic Skin 

The update includes but is not limited to fixes for the following issues:


- Fixed rare crash when continuing edited save game 
- Fixed rare crash during processing 
- Fixed rare crash when reading inbox news item


- Improved marking at lower levels
- Fine-tuned keeper positioning when an attacker is in a shooting position
- Improved use of passes for players to run onto
- Fixed some instances of poor goalkeeper reaction times
- Fixed goalkeepers not getting back to their own goal quick enough after passing outside their area
- Tweaked goalkeepers ability to turn shots behind rather than back into play
- Improved movement of attackers from crossed free kicks


- Fixed players staying on international duty for too long
- Fixed Mexican Cup Opening Stage win counting as two cup wins
- Adjusted fixture scheduling when using the 'Use Saturday and Wednesday Matchdays' Preference
- Fixed issue where the User would not be asked to set the length of pre-season training
- Improved selection of teams promoted to Italian Serie C
- Updated registration rules for the Asian Confederation Cup
- Updated disciplinary rules for the Brazilian State Championships


- Increased number of transfers from abroad for some nations in Eastern Europe 
- Fixed issue where the user was forced to offer a new contract when purchasing a percentage of an agent owned player already at their club 
- Fixed issue where the user could not respond to an agents negotiation for an agent owned player 
- Fixed rare issue where a future transfer incorrectly got the transfer date 1/1/1900 
- Fixed MLS teams signing too many Goalkeepers
- Improved MLS squad building
- Improved MLS AI decisions in Expansion draft
- Improved MLS AI trade negotiation
- Fixed MLS Re-Entry Draft 2 pick duplication


- Fixed David Villa and Frank Lampard being unhappy as soon as they join up with NYCFC
- Fixed rare examples of unhappiness chats going straight to blank screens
- Ensured promises made to players when convincing them to join your club are displayed
- Reduced chance of tutoring agreements breaking down leading to disliked person chats
- Ensured promise to ‘Win Silverware’ lasts long enough to be upheld for cup wins
- Fixed club underachieving chats happening to often to individual players


- Fixed wage budget slider being blocked by Premier League FFP rules when adding money into transfer funds
- Fixed inactive clubs being over valued
- Adjusted wages club can offer after promotion


- Fixed overuse of ‘Eneko’ and ‘Osia’ as first and second names for Spanish newgens and fixed names in existing saves
- Fixed coaching badges being forgotten whilst being learnt


- Fixed rare problem where inbox news items no longer appeared
- Fixed instances of code in news item
- Fixed rare case of sacking news item not being displayed
- Fixed instances of deadline day repeating
- Fixed instances of subscriptions being reset
- Fixed competition win news item referencing wrong competition 
- Fixed news item offering user option to discipline AI player
- Fixed instances of winter break questions being asked incorrectly
- Fixed instances of incorrect news items regarding Nations League


- Can now assign players outside the match squad any starting 11 position or spot on the substitutes bench via their Pkd menu on the Tactics Overview
- Fixed issue where User would be stuck on the MLS Draft Combine screen


- Fixed allowing User to choose file save location
- Fixed files can be extracted in to the game from chosen save location
- Fixed various save corruption and ‘disappearing’ fmf file issues
- Fixed nations failing basic rules verification with no edits made
- Further error message improvements
- Fixed Future Fee incorrectly added in to edited loan
- Fixed Kit Selection panel now displaying
- Fixed edited prize money being paid out correctly
- Fixed some registration dates not being extracted correctly
- Fixed some edited competitions not being scheduled correctly
- Fixed Add Language to Local Region


- Fixed crash on ‘Trained in Nation’
- Fixed User can now edit Match Fitness and Condition on Player Profile screen
- Fixed editing language proficiency
- Fixed editing International retirement

If you have any technical issues following the update, raise them in the following areas:

For PC
For Mac
For Linux

For any other bugs, please take the time to raise them here

On behalf of all of Sports Interactive, we hope you enjoy the update and have plenty of time to play it over the forthcoming holiday period.





也可作为你可以称之为一个早期的圣诞礼物,有两种新的外观 - 一个足球经理,一个是足球经理经典。它们可通过以下链接工作坊:




- 修正了罕见的崩溃,当持续编辑保存的游戏
- 处理过程中固定的罕见的崩溃
- 阅读收件箱的新闻项目时出现的罕见暴跌


- 修正了玩家停留在国际值班时间过长
- 修正了墨西哥世界杯开局阶段赢得计数为两个杯胜
- 使用“使用周六和周三比赛日偏好调整后夹具调度
- 固定问题,即用户不会被要求设置的季前训练的长度
- 改进选拔队晋升为意大利丙级联赛
- 亚洲联合会杯更新注册规则
- 为巴西国家锦标赛更新党纪政纪

- 增加转移支付的数量从国外在东欧一些国家
- 当用户被迫修正了到他们的俱乐部购买的代理人所拥有的球员的百分比时,已经提供了一份新合同
- 固定问题,即用户不能给代理商的谈判响应为代理所拥有的球员
- 修正了罕见的问题,即未来的传输错误得到了转移日期1/1/1900
- 修正了MLS球队签下太多的门将
- 改进MLS球队的建设
- 在扩军选秀改进MLS AI决定
- 改进的AI MLS贸易谈判
- 修正了MLS再入草案2重复挑

- 修正了比利亚和兰帕德是不高兴,只要他们加入了NYCFC
- 不快的罕见例子聊天直行空白屏幕
- 玩家说服他们加入你的俱乐部时所作的承诺有保证的显示
- 减少了辅导协议的机会,打破导致讨厌的人聊天
- 有保证的承诺“赢银器”持续足够长的时间必须坚持的杯胜
- 修正了俱乐部看好的聊天记录发生在常个别球员

- 增加资金投入转会资金时,固定工资预算滑块被阻止英超FFP规则
- 固定不活动的俱乐部被高估
- 调整后的工资俱乐部可以推广后提供

- 修正“的Eneko”和“Osia”过度使用作为西班牙小牛第一和第二的名称和固定名称现有节约
- 修正了教练徽章被遗忘,而被学习

- 修正了罕见的问题,在收件箱中的新闻项目不再出现
- 代码的新闻条目固定实例
- 不显示解雇的新闻项目固定的罕见的情况下,
- 修正了截止日实例重复
- 修正了订阅重置实例
- 修正了比赛的胜利则新闻引用错误的竞争
- 固定新闻项目,提供用户选择管教AI球员
- 被要求固定的冬歇期问题实例错误
- 修正了关于国联赛不正确的新闻项目的实例

- 现在可以通过对战术概述了PKD菜单指定比赛阵容之外的任何球员首发11位或现货替代品板凳上
- 固定问题,即用户将粘在MLS草案结合屏幕

- 修正,允许用户选择文件保存位置
- 修正文件可以提取到游戏,从选择保存位置
- 修正了各种挽救的腐败和'消失'FMF文件的问题
- 修正了国家没有基本规则的验证,没有编辑制作
- 进一步的错误消息的改进
- 修正了未来的收费错误地添加到编辑的贷款
- 固定套件选择面板现在显示
- 修正了编辑的奖金被正确支付
- 修正了一些登记日期没有被正确提取
- 修正了一些编辑比赛没有被正确安排
- 修正了语言添加到本地区域

- 对“受过培训,全国固定崩溃
- 现在固定的用户可以编辑比赛健身和条件对玩家资料的屏幕
- 修正了编辑语言能力
- 修正了编辑国际退休