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2014-11-04 13:59:23 作者:peser| 来源:PG论坛| 热度:


  - Improved general performance
  - Improved trackpad performance
  - Fix for issues affecting 10.6.8 NVIDIA Macs 
  - Fix for crashes during processing and going into a match
- Fix for crash on quit


  - Improvements to goalkeeping(改进了守门员的AI)
- Improved goals from direct free kicks(直接任意球得分率修正)
- Fixed consistently, unrealistic high scorelines in lower leagues
- Fixed skin tone issues
- Fixed headed backpasses leading to goals(修正了头球回传导致失球的情况)
- Reduced own goal levels(修正乌龙球)
- Hundreds of other changes to match AI(比赛AI几百个修正。。。。。。。。。。。。)
- Further polish to animations

  - Fixed issue where selling a player for a large fee would reduce the users transfer budget 
  - Fixed issue where users could sometimes not offer a contract to a player they had made an enquiry for 
  - Fixed issue in contract negotiations where including the ëOne year extension after X league games would prevent the user from agreeing terms with the player 
  - Fixed issue in contract negotiations where selecting Use Existing Terms would prevent the user from removing some competition bonuses 

  - Improved balance of the ease at which a player can be talked around when they are unhappy
- Improved balance of the amount of teammates who support players in their unhappiness 
  - Fixed issue where players would ask to leave for first team football before they simply asked for more first team football 
- 'Request Tutoring’ option has been added to increase the amount of tutoring options the user has
- Fixed the ability to offer continent-specific tournament football to players not playing in that continent
- Fixed rare instances of promises to accept a bid for a player being broken when no bid was made
- Balanced the regularity at which players will request new contracts
- Fixed board meetings being generated harshly and the ability to set yourself multiple points targets from within a board meeting

  - Amended Champions Cup seedings for 2014/15 season 
  - Improved Liverpool Champions Cup Quarter Final scheduling 
  - Fixed drafts not being scheduled correctly 
  - All A-League matches are now on TV
  - Fixed players not coming off DL6 at the end of their stint
  - Fixed Re-entry Draft Two pick duplication
  - Fixed issue where Young Designated Player contract logic was being applied incorrectly at times preventing User offering a contract to a player
  - Fixed issue where Free Agent retained Season Ending Injury status meaning they couldn’t be registered
  - Fixed NYCFC manager job becoming Insecure when they join MLS
  - Toned down NYCFC trade activity before they join MLS

  - Fixed AI managers being incorrectly questioned and talking about the user struggling 
  - Fixed Team of the Year player in incorrect position
  - Fixed not enough nations available to manage
  - Fixed subscription selections being reset on save/load 
  - Fixed results in League Cup counting towards club’s Highest Scoring League Game record 
  - Fixed English Premier Division Top Goalscorer Record is Sheringham with 1 goal 
  - Fixed view Incident button on controversial penalty incident news item doesn’t show the foul
  - Fixed completely blank news item 

  - Adjusted Dutch wages in both Eredivise and Juplier League
  - Fixed an issue where a player would retire immediately after signing as a Player/Coach
  - Fixed an issue where a player would retire without giving the correct reason
  - Adjusted coaches training workload
  - Fixed an issue with transfer budgets after adjusted season expectations mid-season
  - Fixed the issue of a users profile changing unexpectedly

  - Various skin fixes
  - MLS now be playable in Challenges