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2016-10-14 10:21:16 作者:peser| 来源:网络| 浏览次数:



  本次的视频内容介绍仍然是由SI的经理Miles jacobson进行旁白介绍(英文),以下是视频中旁白的文字版本(暂未翻译,稍后更新翻译版本)。

FM2017 Features Video Transcript

  Hello everyone, my name is Miles jacobson and I'm here to show you some of the new features in Football Manager 2017. 

  We've got plenty to talk about over the course of this video some major additions to the squad, some subtle touches that enhance the football manager experience, but of course we've also left plenty of new things and improvements for you to discover for yourselves as you work through your weight of glory. Let's get straight into it. 

Match Experience

  New animations improved by decision-making and reactions, a new camera angle and enhanced visuals on and around the pitch are just a handful of enhancements in this year's match engine. Quite simply the Football Manager 2017 match engine isn't just the best-looking, it's also the most intelligent we've ever made. 

  Let's start with the new camera angle. It's called "behind go low" and it gets you up close and personal to all the ...