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  此前的新特性介绍回顾:截止至9月13日   截止至10月6日

October 22
Major improvements to collaborations in situations where one person/one family own multiple clubs.
You can now see the results of past meetings between managers.
AI managers will now re-train promising youth players in positions that match the first team's current formation.

October 21
Picked up a big win? The fans will give you more feedback after every match.
Updated range of newgen hairstyles.
In certain circumstances when taking a managers’ job you have the option to move the existing manager to be your Director of Football.
Your backroom staff will now suggest a change of role for a player based on performance analysis.

October 20
League tables will now show team form from the last 5 matches.
Players in your squad can urge team-mates to stay if they are considering leaving.
You can now instruct your team to 'Play Much Wider' - effective when you're employing a strong wide attacker.
If you're up against a side who are dangerous through the middle you can also now instruct your team to 'Play Much Narrower'.

October 19
Re-added the functionality to sync your Facebook account which will publish achievements to your timeline.
Transfer window opening news item revamp.
Your backroom staff will give you more advice on a player's career progression.
Improved the weekly competition round-up news item.

October 18
Backroom staff philosophies in job interviews.
Training Camp squad selection screen revamp.
Upon signing, your new Head of Youth Development will now recommend youth prospects from their former club.

October 17
When playing in the MLS you can now speak to players about having to waive them due to Roster Rules and Regulations.
You'll now be asked about the prospect of facing a newly appointed AI manager.
Revamped Player Individual Training Panel.

October 16
New finance overview screen.
If an AI manager has been watching one of your players, you'll now be quizzed about it in Press Conferences.

October 15
For under a third of the price you can design your own kit (and squad) with the new Create-A-Club feature.
The press in FM16 will ask how you plan to approach a match against a newly appointed manager.
Swap deals have a bit more prominence & are dealt with better in game.

October 14
Another one for the streamers - support added for broadcasting while in windowed mode for Steam Broadcasting.
Something that's been very popular in FMO in Korea - Suggested subs.
Your scouts will now suggest scouting certain players who could help you meet squad registration rules.

October 13
Revamped Player Instructions screen - The new Player Instructions layout can make that even more precise.
End of season review revamp news item.