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2015-04-29 16:04:11 作者:peser| 来源:网络| 热度:
  • 名称:FM2015_fmXML配置文件生成工具
  • 语言:英文
  • 大小:57KB
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1) First you have to choose a folder where your graphics are located. You can get it in several ways:
    Use Browse button
    Type it or paste from clipboard
    Drag the directory on fmXML window (my preferred method)

2) Choose Action from these 2 options:
    Make config.xml file
    Use this if you have made faces/logos/kits for some players/clubs/competitions.
    Translate file names to IDs
    Use this if you have downloaded a face pack which contains files, named as player real name, not ID, but you want to copy them in another folder (to avoid duplicates or whatever another reason). This works with face/logo packs, but not with kits (may be implemented later).

3) Object - choose one of the following:
    faces - for player/coach faces
    kits - for club/nation kits
    nation logos - for national FA logos
    competition logos - for competition logos
    club logos - for (surprise) club logos

4) Select Options
    All filenames are IDs
    If filenames of these graphics already are resource ID numbers (which you can find in Football Manager by using option to show unique IDs), you can tick this checkbox. Use this only if filenames ARE IDs. If they are not, you will end up with config.xml files with IDs as 0 and they will not work in the game. If you do not tick this checkbox, new dialog will pop up, asking you for resource ID for each file. Find appropriate ID and insert it. For kits there are more options.
    Process dragged folders
    This lets you speed up some things. If ticked, you can drag multiple folders on fmXML window to process them as a batch. N!B! you can not change graphics type in batch mode. So ensure that all files in these folders are from the same type.

5) GO button starts the job (in batch mode it starts automatically).

Optional: Edit XML

It is a simple config.xml file viewer/editor. It is very simple, but can be useful. There is an issue that you can use TAB key normally. To get a TAB symbol, use Ctrl+TAB.

When the work is done, click Close to quit the program.